Whitefly Treatment and Control

Protect your trees and bushes from attack by Whitefly.

Zimmerman Tree Services provides expert, licensed professional protection of your plants from infestation of the invasive, devastating Whitefly pests.

There are different Whitefly treatment methods that may be applied to trees and hedges.

Whitefly Treatment for Trees

Trees may be injected with a systemic insecticide. A systemic insecticide can be sprayed on the trunk of the tree (basal bark application, see attached) or a systemic insecticide can be applied as a root drench.

All systemic insecticide applications have an effective period ranging from six months (injection), four months (basal bark) to three months (drench). The speed at which they become effective and control the whitefly also varies from 1 to 2 days for injections, 1 to 2 weeks for basal bark or 4 to 6 weeks for soil drench.

See this article for more information on one of the systemic insecticide treatment methods ArborJET that we use.

See this article for detailed information on systemic insecticides.

Whitefly Treatment for Hedges

Hedges may be sprayed for immediate control by a contact insecticide. This treatment works immediately and lasts 30 days. For prolonged control (3 to 4 months), a root drench or granular application is required. The root drench usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to take effect. The granular could take as much as 4 weeks to begin to work effectively.

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