Tree Removal

Tree removal is an important part of maintaing your landscape.

To maintain the safety and beauty of your property, you need elimnate dead and dying trees, hazardous trees cannot be saved through other means, and invasive trees that should not be in Florida..

Tree removal reduces competition, providing remaining plants with more space and light in which to flourish.

You may also need to remove trees to provide room for construction and clearance for structures.

Tree Removal of an Invasive Australian Pine

Watch this removal of an invasive Australian pine with the use of heavy equipment.

Hazardous Tree Removal

We removed this hazardous tree from a Golf Course. With Hurricanes as a ready threat to South Florida, you need to identify hazardous trees on your property and have them removed before they become a danger during storms.

Hazardous tree removal
Hazardous cracked tree removed

Here are some questions to ask to determine if you have a hazardous tree:

  1. Are there large dead branches in the tree?
  2. Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches?
  3. Are mushrooms present at the base of the tree?
  4. Are there cracks or splits in the trunk or where branches are attached?
  5. Has the trunk developed a strong lean?
  6. Has the tree been topped or otherwise heavily pruned?

Even one of these signs is a potential for problems. If you see any of these signs, call us for a professional assessment of your tree. Each tree needs to be individually examined. We will not needlessly remove healthy trees.

Tree Removal is Dangerous

Tree removal is the most dangerous aboriculture service. Tree workers are often high in the air, near homes and power lines and in confined spaces.

Only highly trained, experienced professionals should remove trees.

Zimmerman Tree Service provides the highest safety standards of tree removal with over 30 years experience in aboriculture service. We remove your trees with the utmost care for your property and the safety of all.

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