Tree Planting

Zimmerman Tree Service provides professional tree planting services to ensure you have healthy trees that will grow to maturity. Trees are natures great cleansers of the atmosphere, pulling carbon and releasing oxygen. Every tree you plant, helps the planet breathe fresher air.

Proper tree planting starts with selecting the right tree for the right location. What tree you select, where and how you plant the tree and how you take care of the tree in the early years, affect the health of the tree throughout the tree's life.

When selecting the type of tree, you must take into account the soil, what other flora is in the area and how much water the tree will be exposed to. In South Florida, just a few inches of elevation change can be a whole different eco system, suitable for different trees species.

When you have decided on a type of tree, you need to select a healthy individual tree from a nursery. To give your baby tree the best start for a full future, you must dig the right size hole and prepare the soil to provide sufficient oxygen, nutrients and water flow, and prevent against fungi and disease.

To finish the initial planting process, your new tree may need surface fertilizer, a covering of mulch, bracing or other treatment.

Once planted, you need to care for your tree with proper watering, fertilizing and insect and disease control.

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