Total Plant Healthcare

A professional insect and disease management program by a Zimmerman Tree Service plant health care specialist will provide you with peace of mind concerning the health of your valuable trees, shrubs and lawn. A plant health professional will visit your property at least once a month to inspect your trees, shrubs and lawn. Problem insects and diseases which pose an aesthetic or health threat to your plants will be treated at the time with most effective, environmentally-safe controls.

The Total Plant Health Care program will relieve you of the burden of inspecting your own plants and diagnosing the presence of insects and diseases and determining treatment if it is required. Often, insects and diseases will have done a great deal of damage by the time their activity is visible to the untrained eye. Continual monitoring by Zimmerman plant health professional will reveal activity early while less radical treatment can still be effective.

The quality of your soil is essential to the health of your plants. South Florida has low amounts of required nutrients and trace elements, such as magnesium, manganese and iron. Total Plant Health Care provides complete fertilization service with custom blended fertilizers to keep your plants strong.

Our Total Plant Health Care program is the complete treatment and fertilization of all trees, shrubs and lawn.

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