Mangrove Pruning

Propagules Hanging From Red Mangrove
Propagules Hanging From Red Mangrove

Mangroves are among Florida's treasures, making up much of Florida's southern, aquatic vegetation in intertidal, salt water areas. Generally mangroves are not found in fresh water.

Mangroves propagules (seeds) float in the water, taking hold in sandy, beach bottoms. The mangroves grow in the sand, holding in more sand and making rooting of other mangroves easier. Mangroves grow rapidly, forming dense thickets, which eventually add to coast lines or form new islands.

Mangroves provide a bridge between the aquatic and land habitats. Mangrove roots provide nurseries for fish. Many species of wildlife live in the mangrove thickets.

Mangroves provide important benefits to home owners. Mangroves resist erosion, protect shorelines, improve the productivity of coastal waters and protect homes from wind and water storm damage. Mangroves provide food and habitat for marine animals and fish that people like to catch and eat.

Waterfront property owners may want to trim or remove mangroves to improve their view or change the nature of their shoreline. Cutting of mangroves, if not done properly, may harm or kill the mangroves and damage the environment. 86% of Florida mangroves have been lost since the 1940s according to the Florida Marine Research Insitute. This loss of mangroves has resulted in a decline in the quality of Florida's shoreline waterways.

The three types of species of mangrove in Florida are the black, red and white mangroves. Each species responds differently to pruning.

In 1996 the Florida Legistlature passed the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act in sections 403.9321-403.9334 of the Florida Statues. The law regulates how mangroves may be altered statewide, including at the local level. The law provides for professional mangrove trimmers to supervise certain types of trimming to ensure the least damage to the mangrove trees.

Zimmerman Tree Service provides professional mangrove trimming. Mangroves can be pruned in a variety of ways that maintain the health of the trees, support the natural environment and improve the view of the water.

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