Lightning Protection for Trees

South Florida gets a lot of lightning storms. More than one million trees are struck by lighting each year in the United States. Florida has the highest frequency of lightning storms in the country.

Lightning seeks out high points. With South Florida's flat landscape, trees offer lightning storms an inviting target. Lightning seeks out the ground through the most conductive means available. Trees are tall and contain a lot of water. Water is a better conductor of electrical current than air. Tree trunks contain a high amount of water under the bark. Trees are the most common targets of lightning strikes.

Lightning can kill trees immediately when striking. When lightning does not immediately kill trees, lightning can severely damage trees, leaving them open to other threats that may kill the trees. Lightning may structurally damage trees, making the trees unsafe. Lightning may also weaken trees, making them susceptible to insect and disease.

Lightning's attraction to trees also poses a threat for nearby structures, as lightning may jump sideways from a tree to adjacent buildings with metal objects or other conductive material. Buildings within close proximity to a tree are most likely to get damaged by lightning jumps.

Lightning Protection Systems

You may protect your trees by having Zimmerman Tree Service install lightning protection systems.

The best lightning protection for your trees is having lightning rods installed in the trees that are most susceptible to lightning strikes.

Lightning rods are made of conducting metal and installed in your trees. The lightning rod goes down to the ground and a distance from the trees. The lightning rods provide better conducting material than trees. Electricity seeks the most efficient path to the ground, which is through the lightning rod, bypassing your trees and keeping your trees safe.

Not all your trees need lightning rods. Zimmerman Tree Service will make a professional assessment of your trees, based on species, height, proximity to structures and other pertinent factors to help you determine in which trees to install lightning protection.

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