Lawn and Ornamental Total Plant Care in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties

Zimmerman Tree Service provides the full range of services to keep your lawn and ornamental plants in top health and looking great, including everything from landscape design and installation to year round maintenance.

Trees and ornamentals don’t always fare well in areas where heavily managed turf is present, such as sports fields, golf courses, and institutional environments. This is generally a result of our man-made landscapes. In nature, grasses and trees do not generally grow in the same areas. Trees block grass from sunlight; turf and tree roots compete for moisture and nutrients. In urban environments, the plant that was established first generally fares better. It should be a goal to keep both turf and trees healthy, as stressed plants are more prone to the feeding of sucking insects, such as aphids and whiteflies, and pathogen development, such as trunk and root rots.
University of Florida / IFAS, Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service

In other words, to have a healthy, man-made landscape it helps to know what you are doing. Correct care of your lawn and ornamentals is a science.

Proper Irrigation

Proper irrigation of your lawn and ornamentals depends on a variety of factors. Where grass is a priority, the irrigation schedule is generally set to meet the needs of your grass, which may be a number of times per week.

Established trees and ornamentals in South Florida get enough water naturally and do not need additional watering. Installed trees and ornamentals may need supplemental irrigation until they are established, with smaller plants requiring less time to become established.

Over watering may cause a variety of problems such as rotting of roots and stems, fungal problems and poor root development.

Zimmerman Tree Service uses our expertise to establish proper irrigation zones as needed for the right amount of irrigation for all your plants.

Custom Fertilization

All plants need a healthy soil. The soil is the plants food. Plants remove needed chemicals from the soil to support themselves and grow. These vital chemicals must be in the soil when your plants are installed and may become depleted as your plants grow.

Different plant species may have different nutritional requirements. What is good for one plant may not be good for another. Improper fertilization may be word than no fertilization. Zimmerman Tree Service custom fertilization program will meet the specific needs of your lawn and ornamental plants to ensure your plants optimun health.

Weed Removal

Sound Florida is home to a wide variety of durable, prolific weeds that may overwhelm your lawn.

Some weeds found in South Florida incude: Alexander Grass, Bull Thistle, Crab Grass, Dollarweed, Florida Pusley, Green Kyllinga, Ground Ivy, Hawksbeard, Kudzu, Matchweed, Nutsedge, Oxalis, Pennywort, Spurge

Each type of weed may need a special method to prevent becoming established in your lawn and to eliminate if there.

Pest control

Pests may invade your property and destroy the health of your plants. Among the many pests in South Florida are: ants, beetles, cinch bugs, rugose spiraling whiteflys and many other insects and animals.

The most effective pest treatment control depends on the type of infestation. Zimmerman Tree Service is experienced and fully licensed in the State of Florida to treat pest infestations for your lawn and ornamental plants.

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