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If you have questions about your trees, plants or property, Zimmerman Tree Service provides consulting and diagnosis services to answer your questions and meet your needs. We provide free estimates.


Tree service consulting and diagnostics
We will come to your property to provide free estimates

Whether you are wondering what type and where to plant trees and plants, to inspecting for problems or any of a host of other needs, such as appraisals of landscape, construction project planning, contract preparation, expert witness litigation, forensic analysis, inventories, management plans, preservation planning, public education, risk assessments and more, contact us to get consultations from our certified professionals.

Whatever you need to know about South Florida tree and plant care our knowledgeable experts can help you. We can do a walk through of your property, inventory the major elements of your landscape, identify problem areas, advise you on courses of action and implement plans to meet your needs.

Often the best approach is to leave things as they are for the time being. Our arborists will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your property. Proper consultations may save you considerable time and money.

Tree and Plant Appraisal

Professional. certified arborists
Professional. certified arborists

Trees and plants have value, both individually and as part of your landscape. Whether you need an appraisal for personal, business, insurance or litigation reasons, we can assist you by appraising your trees and plants according to industry standard guidelines.

Diagnosing and Identifying Tree and Plant Disorders

The first step to treating your trees and plants is a correct analysis and diagnosis of the problem. Your landscape is an ecosystem. Our experienced professionals understand the intimate connections between your trees and the other elements on your property.

Many problems you see of insects and disease are secondary symptoms of underlying root causes. Treating those symptoms, may not solve the main cause of the problem. Diagnosing tree and plant problems is a specialized skill that may take more than field examinations, requiring lab samples or other tests to determine what is wrong. Our certified specialists will do the appropriate analysis of the problems on your property to correctly determine what is wrong and develop an effective treatment solution.

Problems and solutions may involve a host of things, such as animal intrusions, drainage issues, pollution, structural issues, soil analysis, sunlight exposure, disease infections, insect infestations, species compatibility, watering patterns, crowding, improvements on the property, weather and other issues.

Tree Inventories, Assessment and Risk Management

Whether you are redeveloping a property, putting together a management plan or analyzing a property for sale, inventorying and assessing the types, sizes and conditions of the trees on your property provides you with valuable knowledge for their care and allowing you to budget for the future.

Assessing the current health of trees within their environment and taking into consideration other applicable factors, such as environmental elements, lets us make risk assessments for the potential of the trees to fail.

Risk assessments are required for making and putting into place risk management. Trees are large, living beings that may suffer injury and pose a risk to themselves, other trees, your property and to people. Responsible risk management is an important part of being a tree owner. Our experienced tree care professionals will help you to assess, manage and protect from tree failure.

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