Fertilization Programs with Custom Blends

All Living Things...

need proper nutrition. Just as you feed yourself, your family and your pets, your trees need the proper food, too. Our South Florida weather can rob trees of the nutrients they need to grow, to fight off disease and to remain beautiful and healthy.

Commercial fertilization programs West Palm Beach, Florida
Fertilization programs

Most South Floridian, whether snowbirds of permanent residents, know that Zimmerman Tree Service are leaders in tree and shrub fertilization. We have determined the proper way to give your trees the nutrients they need. We have analyzed the special needs of South Florida growing things and have developed the right formulations to solving tree and shrub problems. Whether it is a corrective solution of basic maintenance, Zimmerman has the right answers.

There is a difference in tree care!

Fertilizer Provides Essential Nutrients

Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients and trace elements, such as magnesium, manganese and iron that are in short supply here in Florida. These elements, as well as the basic nutrients of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, are essential to plant health. Fertilization and irrigation keep plants healthy, giving them the stamina to fight insect and disease invasions.

Custom Blended Fertilizer

Each fertilizer is specially blended by Zimmerman Tree Service or our suppliers to meet the exact nutritional requirements for your trees, shrubs and lawn. The materials are then applied utilizing proper techniques that will promote optimum vigor.

For trees, we apply our custom blend in liquid form, which quickly transports nutrients to the entire root system using water as a carrier. The fertilizer can be absorbed immediately by the tree roots, rather than waiting for rain or irrigation.

For shrubbery and lawns, we apply our custom mixed fertilizer in granular form. This is a time-release formulation that supplies nutrients in sufficient quantity to meet the plant needs over a long period of time.

Fertilization will be applied at the specific intervals that will promote plant health.

Whitefly Treatment with Arborjet Trunk Injection

One of the Whitefly treatment methods Zimmerman Tree Service offers is ARBORjet. Contact Zimmerman Tree Service to learn about the cost saving benefits this solution provides.

Whitefly Treatment with Arborjet Injection
Whitefly Treatment in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County with Arborjet injection

Get Rid of Whitefly

Let Us Protect your Trees this Season

Why Treat Now?

  1. Rugose Spiraling Whitefly (RSW) produces "honeydew", a sugary substance that can stick to you house, car or patio and make a real sticky mess.
  2. Leaves or fronds may have excessive and unattractive dark sooty mold that grows on the honeydew.
  3. Leaf drop may occur in some species of trees and plants.

Treat with Trunk Injection!

Trunk injection seals the application inside the tree for quick results.

Let Us Treat Your Trees this Season with ARBORjet

How Does Trunk Injection Help You?

Your trees add tremendous value to your home. Insects could be damaging your valuable trees. Trunk injection protects your trees now and into next season.

Who Else Uses Arborjet Trunk Injection?

Arborjet Trunk Injection is used by the USDA Forest Service, city foresters, resorts, researchers and tree service professionals protecting trees like yours.

How Does Trunk Injection Work?

  • A small plug called the Arborplug, is inserted into a drilled hole in the tree. A needle pierces the Arborplug and formulation is injected.
  • A precise dose of formulation is injected directly inside the transport system of trees. Formulations are quickly distributed through the trunk, branches and leaf tissue.
  • The Arborplug keeps the injected formulation inside the tree, protects it and stays inside the tree with no adverse reactions. The tree grows right over the Arborplug.
  • Treatment provides protection now and into next season.

Why Choose Arborjet Trunk Injection?

  • Treatment is sealed in the tree.
  • Effective results - proven by university trials.
  • Long term protection - product works through all parts of the tree.

How Much Does Trunk Injection Cost?

Application cost is based on:

  • Amount and type of product used
  • Tree trunk diameter
  • Labor for application
  • Frequency of application

Contact us for an estimate for Whitefly treatment today.

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