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With over 30 years of experience, Zimmerman Tree Service is a full service organization providing shade, fruit and ornamental tree care as well as insect, mosquito, zika, disease and fertilization programs. As a leader in tree care, Zimmerman Tree Service’s unique approach of delivering a wide range of arboriculture services conveniently eliminates the time and expense of searching for and experimenting with different companies.

Our objective is to continually provide superior arboriculture services that add value to trees, prepare them for storm season and enhance their overall health and beauty. We focus on servicing our customers to the fullest extent to ensure their satisfaction.

20+ Reasons To Call Palm Beach County's Tree Health Professional Arborists:

  1. Tree Pruning
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Tree Removal
  4. Stump Grinding
  5. Root Pruning
  6. Exotic, Invasive Tree and Plant Removal
  7. Canopy Reduction
  8. Mangrove Pruning
  9. Lethal Yellowing Treatment
  10. Landscape Design and Installation
  11. Lawn and Ornamental Care
  1. Spiral and Ficus Whitefly Treatment
  2. Holiday Lighting Installation
  3. Total Plant Health Care
  4. Insect and Disease Treatment
  5. Specialized Palm Treatments
  6. Custom Blend Fertilizers
  7. Cabling and Bracing
  8. Lightning Protection
  9. Hurricane Storm Protection
  10. Consultations and Diagnosis
  11. Mosquito Control and Zika Treatment

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Autumn Plant Care in Florida

Autumn is finally here and we can see this change in the season most clearly in our trees and plants. Here in Florida we do not have the radical widespread color change across our tree canopy they experience in the middle and northern states. Nevertheless with the coming of fall there are enough temperate plants to provide some seasonal color. After Halloween in early to mid November is when the leaves in Florida begin their fall color display.

landscaping Florida

With the changing of the season comes a change in the needs of our Florida landscaping greenery - which in fall becomes a bit less green. Your grass will grow much more slowly during the cooler months. Now is the time for an end-of-season mowing as disease has a harder time getting established with shorter grass. The leaves that drop from the trees will be great for your compost heap, too. Keep the pile stirred up with a rake every week and you will have excellent mulch for planting in the spring.

Fall is a much less-active growth time for or Florida plants. These cooler months are a good time to manage large plantings in the landscape. This is the time for planting or transplanting trees. Also woody ornamental shrubs benefit from fall planting because the months of cooler weather are less stressful on the trees and shrubs and root growth is enhanced. Fall is recognized as a good time to do nearly everything in the garden.

Here in Florida we seem to go from summer to fall in the blink of an eye. Florida sees the transition from summer growth to winter growth typically begin sometime between mid-September and mid-October. This transitional period is an ideal time to provide fall fertilization and to perform core aeration and over seeding for cool-season grasses. Well-fertilized grass will store up significant food reserves and produce healthy roots during the next 60 days to sustain it during the winter. Core aeration promotes significant root growth during the transitional period.

If you have questions about your trees, plants or property, Zimmerman Tree Service provides consulting and diagnosis services to answer your questions and meet your needs. We provide free estimates. Whatever you need to know about South Florida tree and plant care our knowledgeable experts can help you. We can do a walk through of your property, inventory the major elements of your landscape, identify problem areas, advise you on courses of action and implement plans to meet your needs.

Fertilization Programs with Custom Blends

All living things need proper nutrition.

Zimmerman Tree Service custom blend fertilization program feeds your trees of the nutrients they need to grow, to fight off disease and to remain beautiful and healthy.

Just as you feed yourself, your family and your pets, your trees need the proper food, too. Zimmerman Tree Service is a leader in tree and shrub fertilization. We have determined the proper way to give your trees the nutrients they need. We have analyzed the special needs of South Florida growing things and have developed the right formulations to solving tree and shrub problems. Whether it is a corrective solution of basic maintenance, Zimmerman has the right answers for you.

Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito control and treatment

Are Mosquitoes Preventing You from Enjoying Your Yard?

Let Zimmerman Tree Service Professional Mosquito Treatment  and Zika Control Help You

Zimmerman Tree Service provides a yard misting treatment designed to reduce the mosquito population around the homeowner’s yard through a two phase attack. The first being an insecticide providing immediate and residual control of mosquitoes and the second is an insect growth regulator which interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes. Mosquito Treatment

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Note: ISA is the International Society of Consulting Arboriculture. ASCA is the American Society of Consulting Arborist.

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