Singer Island Tree, Pruning, Invasive Removal and Plant Care Service

With over 30 years of experience, Zimmerman Tree Service is a full service organization providing shade, fruit and ornamental tree care as well as insect, disease and fertilization programs. As a leader in tree care, Zimmerman Tree Service’s unique approach of delivering a wide range of arboriculture services conveniently eliminates the time and expense of searching for and experimenting with different companies.

Singer Island Tree and Plant Service equipment for Palm Beach County

Singer Island Total Plant Healh Care

  1. Pruning
  2. Canopy Reduction
  3. Root Pruning
  4. Exotic/Invasive Tree Removal
  5. Mangrove Pruning
  6. Total Plant Health Care
  7. Lethal Yellowing Treatment
  8. Pine Tree Revitalization
  1. Custom Blend Fertilizers
  2. Insect Control
  3. Disease Control
  4. Cabling and Bracing
  5. Lightning Protection
  6. Hurricane Storm Protection
  7. Holiday Lighting Installation
  8. Consultations and Diagnosis

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