Protecting the Environment

And, Do Not Forget the Environment

Environmental Tree Care

Tree cover is essential to maintaining our life on earth. Trees are the ultimate solar panels, transforming the sun's energy into a healthy environment. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and release oxygen. Trees maintain the ecological balance, cleanse the air, prevent erosion, provide habitat for innumerable species and have countless other benefits.

Planting trees and caring for trees in an environmentally sound way makes your property healthier, more beautiful, more valuable and asset to your community.

Environmental Tree Care

Zimmerman Tree Care experts understand how to enhance the "Greening of America".

From the planting of trees and other plants, to their maintenance and proper removal, Zimmerman Tree Service operates in balance with nature, providing an environmentally concerned service. We know which equipment is right for which job, we understand and control noise pollution during pruning and know clean-up and removal is as important as other aspects of tree care. We treat all aspects of each job with the proper respect and care for the natural environment.

Zimmerman Tree Care experts are arborists and environmentalists.

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